R.L. Campbell Contracting Co., Inc. was founded by Robert L. Campbell IV in 1988. We are licensed and insured in Tennessee, Mississippi, Arkansas and Alabama and have proudly served these areas for over 25 years. Projects with which we have been involved hold their own identity  with specific challenges and vary from minor to major construction. We are committed to a safe and drug free work place. Our written safety and drug screening policies are endorsed by our employees and our insurers.
We have received numerous awards and honors some of which include:
  • Memphis "10" Award (twice)
  • National Blue Chip Enterprise Award
  • Congressional Recognition
  • Memphis City Council Recognition
Gene Easter, superintendent, was originally part of our team in the 1990's and has recently rejoined us.


Serving the Mid-South for Over 25 Years

Don Hamby, superintendent, joined the company in 2007. Don has over 24 years of construction experience.



Donald A. Simmons, Vice President, joined the company in 2005. Donnie brings an attitude of drive and ambition to all projects through his commitment to our "No Unhappy Owners" philosophy. Donnie is a proud veteran of our U.S. Armed Forces.
Bobby Gray, superintendent, joined the company in 1989. Bobby is a proud veteran of our U.S. Armed Forces and a recipient of the Purple Heart.


Our Team
Robert L. Campbell IV, founding president since the company's 1988 inception, is a graduate of the University of Memphis' Engineering School. He brings over thirty years of construction experience to his clients, and a simple "No Unhappy Owners" philosophy. Robert is a proud veteran of our U.S. Armed Forces.


 Deborah B. Campbell, Treasurer, has handled all financial needs since the company's inception. Managing of the office needs and administration of insurance needs are among some of her responsibilities.